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                              Frequently asked questions 
We understand its very daunting choosing a childcare provider that is perfect for you and your child. We expect you to have many questions. Please use this page to see if your questions can be answered. If your questions are not below please don't hesitate to contact us!
Question: I would like to have a look around the setting. When can i call in?
Answer: We have an open door policy, so please call in at time that it suitable to you. We do advise that you avoid between 12pm - 1pm as this is our busiest time of the day and the children are busy enjoying their lunch.
Question: If I choose St.Mark's Pre-school for my child , what is the next step?
Answer: During your show around, we will ask you to complete an 'application to join'. This will 
provided us with your contact details, your child's details and your preferred start date and sessions for your child.If you would like your child to start straight away, we will book in your child's settling
in sessions. If not, we will contact you near your child's start date to arrange the settling in sessions.
Question: What is the settling in process?
Answer: The settling in sessions are three 1 hour sessions. These will be booked on different days before your child is due to start. The first session is mainly for your child to become familiar with the setting and to meet their key worker. We ask if parents/carers stay with their child during the first settling in session. We will also ask to complete the registration forms during this session with support from your child's key person. The second visit, we suggest that you stay with your child for most of the session. If you feel confident to leave your child on their own for the last half hour of the session then that is great and you may do that. The last session, we do ask that you bring your child in to the setting and leave them for the full hour. We hope that during the third settling in session, that your child is becoming more familiar with the setting. We also don't want your child to think that you will be staying with them when start with us. Due to this, we ask that you to leave your child for the last settling in session. This will then give us an insight on whether your child is ready to start their sessions or more settling in sessions are needed to be put in place. We want to make sure both you and your child are comfortable and happy therefore, we will work together to decide this.
Question: What does my child need to bring?
Answer: We ask that you can provide your child with a bag which contains, a spare set of clothes and nappy/wipes if your child is not yet toilet trained. We also encourage your child to drink through out the day. Therefore, we ask if you can provide your child with their own water bottle, this will be sent back home with your child daily. If your child is attending a full day session then will need a pack lunch.
Question: Do you provide snacks through out the day?
Answer: Yes. We provide morning and afternoon snack. We provide healthy and nutritious snacks, which varied through out the week. Our snack menu is placed in our reception area for all parents/carers to view.Our snack menu is reviewed each term. We offer, milk and water during snack time. 
Question: What sessions do you offer?
Answer: Depending on our availability, we offer a variety of sessions. Morning sessions which run from 9 am - 12 pm. Afternoon sessions which run from 1 pm - 4 pm.We also offer full day sessions which run from 9 am - 3 pm, or 9 am - 4 pm. Please contact us to inquire about our availability.
Question: Is there a minimum of sessions that my child needs to attend?

Answer: The minimum sessions we offer is at least 2 half a day sessions or one full day session. This is for the interest of your child to ensure they have the best opportunity to learn and follow Pre-school routines. 
Question: How much are your sessions?
Answer: From April 2020, our hourly rate has increased. We currently stand at £4.50 a hour. Just £13.50 for half a sessions and £27 for a full day session. 
Question: Do you have car parking for pick up and drop off?

Answer: We do not have onsite parking. Public parking is available on the rear and the front of preschool. 
Question: How do you communicate with parents? How do i know what my child has done during their session?
Answer: Parent partnership is so important to us! We will always be communicating with you during drop of and pick time however, we do understand this can be a busy time for both ourselves and the parents. We use an online learning journal called 'Tapestry' . During your child's settling in sessions we will activate your account. This allows you to log into app and see what your child has been up to. Staff members will also use this as a communication tool to send messages home. Your child's key worker will add pictures and observations of activities that your child has took part in through out the day. It also gives you the opportunity to comment on observations and add your own home observations to. We also have monthly stay and play sessions, were you are invited to come and play with your child, talk to your child's key person and have an insight of Pre-schools routines. Each term we hold parents evenings. This is your opportunity to how your child is developing in the setting and speak to your child's key person.
For more information regarding Tapestry, please click the below link...
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