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                               Arrival and Departure Procedure
For security reasons the doors are kept locked at all times to provide a secure environment. If you will not be collecting your child at the end of the session, please let the manager know who is authorised to collect your child. As we only allow authorised adults to collect children and will refuse anyone unauthorised. The parents/carers take their children to hang up their coats and bags and the children then join in free-play, with the staff on duty helping the children to settle in. At the end of the session a member of staff will open the door to allow the parents/carers to go to their children. Staff will remain alert and observe the children departing with their parents/carers. One member of staff will always be on duty near the exit door to ensure no child leaves the premises alone. Children should be collected promptly to avoid any distress to the child. In the event of a child not being collected at the end of a session, we will attempt to contact all persons named on the registration form. If we cannot contact anyone within one hour we will contact St Helen's Safeguarding Partnership for advice.
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