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                                            Equal Opportunities
All staff that work within the Pre-School demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities. Staff working with the children value and respect the different racial origins, religion, cultures and languages in our multi-racial society, so that each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping. Equipment purchases, visual aids and messages given from staff to children reflect these values. We aim to allow children to develop their own positive attitudes and promote good self-esteem.

Aims and Objectives

Our setting is open for all children in the community and we believe that no child should be excluded. We welcome parents/carers and value and include your knowledge! We recognise the ‘settling in’ process is different for every child and parent/carer - our aim is to make this as smooth as possible. We provide a warm friendly, safe and secure environment. We provide a well-planned curriculum following the seven areas of learning, which is relevant, enjoyable, imaginative and challenging. Our aim is to ensure the children enjoy their time at Pre-School and are prepared for the environment of primary school by expanding their personal, social and emotional development, communication/ language and physical development, whilst also developing literacy and numeracy skills, their knowledge and understanding of the world and expressive art and design. We ensure that parents/carers are given information on a regular basis about their child's progress and that they have an opportunity to discuss it with staff. We offer monthly stay and play sessions to encourage parental involvement in the setting. We also send out monthly newsletters and share a policy each month with parents and carers!

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