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                                 Admissions Procedure
Applications will be accepted when the parents call in for an informal visit. They are shown around and invited to complete the appropriate registration form, giving full details of the child's requirements. The child's name is then placed on the waiting list, if no places are currently available or until the child's second birthday. Children on the waiting list are allocated a place depending on their date of birth and suitability to start.

Settling in

For many children staring Pre-school it is their first steps to be independent and there are important lessons to be learned;

• It is possible to feel safe and happy while parents are not present for a while

• Other adults can be a source of authority, help and friendship

• That new play and learning experiences can be enjoyed in the Pre-School and shared with parents later.

Our settling in procedure consists of a minimum of three settling in sessions – all at least one-hour long. The first session parents must stay for the duration. This time can be spent speaking to your child’s key person and completing any outstanding paperwork.  The second settling in session, parents can leave the child for a short time if agreed by parents and key person, and the third session we would advise parents to drop off as they would on a normal session. If a child requires further settling in sessions this will be arranged.

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